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Falcon Safety Cart

Moving from one construction site to another, having an agile fall protection system can make all the difference. Our Falcon Safety Cart contains powerful fall arrest ratings within a lightweight frame. This cart is the only patented fall protection cart with a built-in shock pack that can reduce fall arrest down to 740 lbs, making this cart exceed OSHA standards for fall protection,

Falcon Cart Testing Report

Compact, Mobile Design

The Falcon Safety Cart is one of the lightest carts on the market. The entire cart only weighs 450 lbs and breaks down into 5 pieces that easily fit into a truck.  On Top Safety designed this cart to be light to effectively mitigate muscle strains and fatigue and prevent serious injuries on the job. This type of build allows your team to quickly disassemble and haul the cart to another side of the building or to a completely different construction site without experiencing a physical injury.

Comprehensive Fall Protection

The only patented cart with a built-in shock pack. Exceeds OSHA standards.

Falcon Safety Cart

The Falcon can reduce fall arrest down to 740 lbs. of force, for up to three people at a time. 

Falcon Safety Cart Front View
Front View
Falcon Safety Cart Rear View
Rear View