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One Of The Best Investments In Safety That Our Company Has Made!

My name is Norman Coone, I am the Warehouse Manager at Belcher Roofing Corporation and also a member of the Safety Committee.

Holding both of these positions, I have seen or purchased most of the safety equipment available for roofers and with confidence can say the On Top Guardrail System has been one of the best investments in safety that our company has made. This system comes in a transportable box with wheels and has all the accessories & parts included. Two of our roofers can have the On Top Guardrail System set in place and be ready to work in approximately 2 hours, making it a very user friendly piece of safety equipment.

Most importantly, we all want our fellow employees to feel safe while on the roof and return home safely at the end of the day. I would highly recommend this system to those companies that want the same for their employees.

Norm Coone