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  • Passed a 90° Drop Test Using 564 Pounds

  • Full 360° Swivel, Easily Maneuver on Both Sides

Life Grab Roof Bracket
Award Winning Rooftop Safety Equipment

Experts Choice Award:
Life Grab Roof Bracket

Introducing our unique Roof Bracket – the ultimate solution for ensuring the safety of workers on roofs while optimizing productivity.


Tested to an impressive 10,000-pound rating, this bracket not only meets but exceeds ANSI and OSHA regulations, providing peace of mind and reliability on every job.

Life Grab Roof Bracket
Award Winning Rooftop Safety Equipment
Falcon Safety Cart

Falcon Safety Cart

The Falcon Safety Cart, weighing just 450 pounds, is the market's lightest 3-man tie-off cart.


Its compact design fits easily in a truck and maneuvers effortlessly on a roof.


This easy-to-assemble cart not only meets OSHA Requirements, but reduces fall arrest down to 740 lbs.


All in One System

The All In One System is the complete fall protection system you’ve been looking for!

It is the only system that incorporates a cable guardrail system, containing 400 linear feet of cables within a storage compartment, fitted onto a 4 man tie-off cart.


Keep your team compliant with OSHA regulations at every part of the roof to avoid dangerous injuries and costly fines.

 Discover our extensive range of rooftop safety equipment, essential safety equipment for roofers, reliable roof safety solutions, innovative Falcon Safety products, efficient paving lifting tools, and comprehensive rooftop safety systems – all designed to ensure a secure and protected working environment.
Life Grab Ladder Stabilized

Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer


With ladder falls being the number one cause of injury, the Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer enhances ladder safety effortlessly.


Its adjustable straps and secure attachments offer unmatched stability in a compact design, providing peace of mind for your elevated tasks.


Fast Track Guardrail System

There is no time to waste when your team starts working on a roof.


At On Top Safety, our fall prevention guardrail system has the quickest setup time on the market.

Fast Track Guardrail System
Fast Track 2x4 System

Fast Track 2x4 System


This innovative system boasts unparalleled versatility, effortlessly mounting to the roof edge for a secure and reliable foundation.


Whether installed over a gravel stop, metal lock, or on a reverse angle wood edge, this combination adapts to various roofing structures, making it a go-to choice for diverse applications.


The multiple holes provided accommodate any wood nailer, ensuring a customized and adaptable fit for every job.

Concrete Paver Lifter

Make transporting 24” x 24” concrete pavers a breeze with our concrete paver lifter, eliminating the strain of manual lifting.


It enables quick and safe movement across a worksite, minimizing the risk of injury with its effective clamping mechanism.

We offer custom-sized paver lifters to accommodate different paver sizes.

Concrete Paver Lifter

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Comprehensive Solutions for Ultimate Protection

Welcome to On Top Safety, where we specialize in providing the highest quality rooftop safety equipment and systems for all your roofing needs. As industry leaders, we understand the importance of safety and efficiency when working at heights. That's why we offer a wide range of safety equipment for roofers, ensuring that you can work confidently and securely.

Our extensive selection of roof safety equipment includes the popular Falcon Safety range, which offers innovative and durable solutions designed to keep workers safe in even the most challenging environments. From fall protection to harnesses, our Falcon Safety products are designed to provide peace of mind while working on roofs.

In addition to our Falcon Safety offerings, we also supply paving lifting tools to help with the installation and maintenance of rooftop paving systems. Our paving lifting tools are designed to make your job easier and more efficient, allowing you to save time and effort during your projects.

At On Top Safety, we believe in the importance of comprehensive rooftop safety systems. Our range includes everything from anchor points and guardrails to lifelines and personal protective equipment. With our rooftop safety systems, you can create a customized solution tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your team stays safe and productive.

Explore our extensive range of rooftop safety equipment, safety equipment for roofers, roof safety equipment, Falcon Safety products, paving lifting tools, and rooftop safety systems today. Trust On Top Safety to provide the reliable and high-quality solutions you need to keep your team protected and your projects on track.

What Our Happy Clients Say?

“On Top Safety Equipment Exceeded Our Expectations!”

Steven Smith

"Most versatile and best fall protection cart I've ever used!"

Brad Terwilliger

"One Of The Best Investments In Safety That Our Company Has Made!"

Norm Coone


Committed to Safety and Increased Efficiency

You can have the highest confidence that On Top Safety Equipment delivers on its promises.

From our All In One System to our Sparrow Hawk Shock Packs, we create high-quality products that minimize injuries and save you from costly OSHA fines. We can help you provide your roofers uncompromised safety!

Safety First

Keep Your Roofers Safe!

Work Smarter

Reduce injury risks and fatigue

OSHA Compliant

Exceed standards, avoid fines


Manufactured in the USA


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