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Fall Protection Products

Fall Protection Products

 Discover our extensive range of rooftop safety equipment, essential safety equipment for roofers, reliable roof safety solutions, innovative Falcon Safety products, efficient paving lifting tools, and comprehensive rooftop safety systems – all designed to ensure a secure and protected working environment.

Workplace safety is crucial in any environment, especially for any worker on a roof. With varying levels of heights and hard to reach spots around a roof, workers are exposed to numerous challenges that are dangerous. Losing footing or insecure building materials can quickly lead to a fall with the potential to lead to serious injuries. At On Top Safety, we have designed a whole line of fall protection equipment to improve working conditions for anyone on top of a roof. Learn more about all of our products that meet and exceed OSHA standards with innovative capabilities.

Fall Protection Carts

Providing superior fall arrest and fall restraint is critical for any worker moving around a roof. Our fall protection carts are the only patented carts to have built-in shock packs that can reduce fall arrest to 740 lbs in 6” of fall clearance. Their lightweight build also increases ease of set-up and transportation while minimizing workers’ fatigue and injuries.

Provides fall arrest tie-offs for 2 people and fall restraint tie-offs for 2 people. Weighs 840 lbs, much lighter than many competitor carts that weigh 1,100 lbs. Designed to completely store every component in the Fast Track System. Meets and exceeds OSHA standards to fully cover your site.

This system includes the Fast Track Fall Protection Guardrail System neatly placed into the storage compartment of the Eagle Claw Safety Cart. With both Fast Track and Eagle Claw, you have complete fall protection at your disposal.

Our patented shock pack technology makes it easier to calculate a safe fall arrest distance. The Sparrow Hawk shock pack is a critical component of proper fall protection, reducing fall arrest force down to 740 lbs within a 6” deceleration distance.

Provides fall arrest for up to three people. Compact design only weighs 450 lbs and also disassembles into 5 pieces for convenient transportation and assembly. Meets and exceeds OSHA standards for maximum coverage.

Our patent-pending fall protection system mounts right on the roof edge, staying out of your way. The Fast Track system eliminates tangled ropes and fits a variety of roof structures.

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