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Sparrow Hawk Shock Pack

Our patented shock pack technology makes it easier to calculate a safe fall arrest distance. The Sparrow Hawk shock pack is a critical component of proper fall protection, reducing fall arrest force down to 740 lbs within a 6” deceleration distance. Comparatively, most shock packs on the market require up to 3 ½ feet to safely bring down fall arrest force to a safe amount. 

Sparrow Hawk Shock Pack
Fall Protection on roof

The Benefits of a Shorter Fall Distance 

Reducing fall arrest distance keeps fallen workers closer to the roof. This makes it easier to rescue them, without having to travel as far down to make contact. Saving time on the rescue further reduces injuries that can occur while hanging from a harness, including compressed blood vessels and suspension trauma. Furthermore, your team won’t need to carry different shock pack sizes for your team to remain OSHA compliant. Our Sparrow Hawk Shock Pack produces a constant deceleration distance even if fall clearance changes at different sites along the roof.

Product Features: 

  • Reduces fall arrest down to 740 lbs in 6” of travel
  • Shorter deceleration distance allows for faster rescue
  • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations
  • Patented technology
  • Lightweight design
Fall Protection on roof

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