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Eagle Claw Safety Tie Off Cart

Eagle Claw Safety Cart


Eagle Claw Safety Cart

Convenient protection that meets and exceeds ANSI & OSHA standards for any roofing project, this mobile safety cart, weighing only 650 pounds, offers maximal protection for up to 4 workers at a time. The standalone cart is specifically designed to house On Top Safety’s Fast Track Fall Protection Guardrail System. However, the cart can be purchased separately as a complete fall protection cart.

Eagle Claw Safety Cart


  • Weighs only 650 lbs for effortless maneuverability.

  • Features a larger storage box as standard, accommodating all your essential tools and safety gear.

  • Typically weighs 1123 lbs, making it more cumbersome to move.

  • Offers smaller storage options, limiting what you can carry.

  • The cart features a shock absorption system designed to lessen the impact on the body and reduce injury risk if a fall occurs.

  • Designed for easy movement on various deck surfaces, reducing work strain.

  • Lacks built-in shock absorption, posing a risk on uneven terrain.

  • Difficult to maneuver, leading to increased fatigue and strain.

  • Encourages use by employees due to its user-friendly design and features.

  • Dual-sided work box minimizes the risk of tangling tie-off lines.

  • Complex and less intuitive design deters frequent use.

  • Standard design increases the chance of crossed and tangled lines.

  • Features an easy-to-use front tire locking mechanism for stable positioning.

  • Boasts a locking claw mechanism that remains in place without constant adjustments.

  • Lacks an intuitive locking mechanism, complicating secure placement.

  • Often requires frequent adjustments to maintain position, disrupting workflow.


Superior Fall Safety

The Eagle Claw Safety Cart provides exceptional safety as a 4 man tie-off cart for any potential falls. Up to 2 people can tie off for fall arrest protection and up to 2 people can tie off for fall restraint. This cart is also the only fall protection cart with a built-in shock pack. The shock pack reduces fall arrest to 740 lbs with a minimal fall clearance of only 6 inches. With the Eagle Claw Safety Cart, every project site becomes a safer one.

Eagle Claw Safety Cart



Light Weight Construction

The cart offers mobile protection with convenient assembly and a lighter weight construction. The Eagle Claw weighs in at 650 lbs compared to other competing carts that weigh 1,100 lbs. The reduction in weight also minimizes potential injuries and liabilities that result from muscle strains and worker fatigue. The lighter weight of the Eagle Claw also contributes to a quicker assembly time for workers. Despite weighing less, the Eagle Claw provides superior fall protection for every worker properly attached.


All In One System Integration

While the Eagle Cart is an impressive standalone fall protection system, it is also specially designed to flawlessly integrate with our Fast Track Fall Protection Guardrail System for additional fall protection. If you need a fully OSHA compliant fall protection system, you can buy both together as the All in One System.

Eagle Claw Safety Cart
Eagle Claw Safety Cart
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