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Featured Clients

A look at some companies we proudly partnered with. Our focus is on delivering quality safety equipment to a range of clients, ensuring their teams are protected on the job.


Fall Protection Products

Workplace safety is crucial in any environment, especially for any worker on a roof. With varying levels of heights and hard to reach spots around a roof, workers are exposed to numerous challenges that are dangerous. Losing footing or insecure building materials can quickly lead to a fall with the potential to lead to serious injuries. At On Top Safety, we have designed a whole line of fall protection equipment to improve working conditions for anyone on top of a roof. Learn more about all of our products that meet and exceed OSHA standards with innovative capabilities.


The Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer, with its 60" ratchet straps, securely anchors ladders to prevent slipping, significantly enhancing safety. It's designed for compatibility with most ladder types and includes various attachments for flexible use. This device offers a practical solution to improve work safety by ensuring ladder stability.

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The Concrete Paver Lifter from On Top Safety is designed to significantly reduce the risk of injury and increase efficiency in transporting 24” x 24” concrete pavers across worksites. It employs a clamping mechanism to lighten the load, allowing two-person teams to move pavers more safely and quickly. The lifter is customizable for various paver sizes and meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA requirements, aiming to minimize injuries to hands, fingers, and prevent muscle strains​.


The Fast Track Guardrail System offers a swift, OSHA-compliant setup for roof safety. It's designed for easy installation across various roof types, addressing challenges like tangled ropes. Created by roofers, it simplifies safety measures, ensuring quick preparation and broad adaptability, including 400 linear feet of cable for extensive coverage.

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The Life Grab Roof Bracket, an award-winning safety device, boasts a 10,000-pound rating, meeting and exceeding ANSI and OSHA standards. It's designed for two-man tie-offs and offers a 360° swivel for versatile use on roofs. Made in the USA from zinc-coated steel, it provides rust resistance and durability, enhancing rooftop work safety by allowing secure horizontal lifeline connections​.

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The Fast Track 2x4 System & Hinge Plate, made in the USA, ensures top-notch rooftop safety. It features the strongest post available, offers 10 inches of adjustment, and mounts securely to a variety of roofing edges. This system meets and surpasses ANSI and OSHA standards, providing unmatched safety and flexibility for construction work.


The Cooling Vest and Harness Combo from On Top Safety combines cooling technology and a safety harness, designed to prevent heat stress in warm environments. It includes cooling gel packs and is made for comfortable wear, weighing around 6 pounds. This product is especially useful in construction, ensuring both temperature regulation and fall protection.

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