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Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer



Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer

Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer

Introducing the Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer – your ultimate & durable ladder safety companion! With its innovative design and unbeatable features, this remarkable tool takes ladder stability to new heights.

Equipped with adjustable self-contained ratchet straps, the Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer ensures a secure and reliable connection between your ladder and any fixed object. It reduces the ladder from kicking out and sliding. No more wobbles or worries! Simply fasten the straps to the ladder and effortlessly tighten them for an ultra-stable setup.

Life Grab Roof Bracket


  • Features 2 points of 6” area for securement, providing robust stability.

  • Offers less chance of sliding, ensuring ladder stability.

  • Uses a common bungee cord hook of 1/8 inch, less secure and stable.

  • Ladder slides and moves easily, posing safety risks.

  • Can be used with wood nailer/wood and steel deck, even when no edge metal is available.

  • No stretch, fixed securely, with material lasting 10x longer when properly cared for.

  • Offers nothing to secure to in such conditions, limiting usage.

  • Bungee stretches, very weak securement, and material dries out/tears/loses elasticity over time.


Gone are the days of uncertain attachments

Our ladder stabilizer weighs 2lbs and comes with a variety of attachment devices, including sturdy hooks, allowing you to secure the ladder with confidence. It comes with strong 60" straps. Whether it's a roof, tree, or any other fixed object, the Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer keeps your ladder firmly in place, keeping you safe throughout your tasks.

Worried about compatibility? Fear not! This exceptional stabilizer features anchor points designed to fit most ladders, ensuring seamless integration. Say goodbye to frustrating installations and hello to hassle-free ladder stabilization.

Life Grab Ladder Stabilizer

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Create a safer working environment with the Life Grabber Ladder Stabilizer from On Top Safety. Place an order for our ladder stabilizer or learn more about our product by contacting us today!

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