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All In One System

On Top Safety’s All-In-One system consists of a 4-man safety tie-off cart with built-in shock packs and a complete fall protection guardrail system that includes 400 linear feet of cables. The entire guardrail system fits into the safety cart’s storage, increasing mobility at any construction site. With both a safety tie-off cart and guardrail system, workers are secured to OSHA standards for any application of roof work. This is the only All-In-One system on the market containing a safety tie-off cart, built-in shock packs and a self-contained guardrail system. 

Eagle Claw Cart Testing Report

All In One Fall Protection System
All In One System

Avoid OSHA Fines 

With the All-In-One System, workers remain compliant with OSHA fall protection standards in every area of the roof. Once the All-In-One system is lifted to the roof site, your team can quickly unload and assemble our Fast Track Guardrail System to establish fall prevention. If workers need to work over the edge of the roof, they can easily move the safety cart and tie off for Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest. With all fall protection measures in a mobile system, you will save time and energy at every construction site without worrying about injuries and costly OSHA fines. 

Product Features

  • Fast Track Guardrail Fall Protection System
    • Our guardrail system includes 400 linear feet of cable and has the quickest set up time on the market.
    • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for fall prevention
  • Eagle Claw Safety Tie-Off Cart
    • 4 Man Tie Off: 2 Fall Arrest and 2 Fall Restraint
    • Patented, built-in shock pack technology
All in One System Features

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Only the All-In-One system from On Top Safety offers complete fall protection that meets and exceeds OSHA fall protection standards on any roof construction. To order your All-In-One system, contact On Top Safety today!