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Fast Track Guardrail System

There is no time to waste when your team starts working on a roof. At On Top Safety, our fall prevention guardrail system has the quickest setup time on the market. With an easy 5-step installation process and considerably fewer pieces in our system, you will be completely OSHA compliant while saving significant time.

Fast Track Guard Rail System Testing Report

Fast Track Guardrail System set up on a roof
Fast Track Guardrail System setup on roof

Product Features:

  • Meets and Exceeds OSHA Regulations
  • Mounts To Roof Edge
  • Conforms To All Building Radiuses
  • Fastest Set Up Time on the Market
  • Eliminates Tangled Ropes
  • 400 Linear Feet of Cable
  • Fits Flat, Overhang and Parapet Roofs

Fall Protection Designed By Roofers

Having faced the dangers and inefficiencies of working on a roof for years, our team began looking for solutions. We were frustrated with tangled ropes and overly complicated systems that didn’t even fit every roof we worked on. With our system, you’ll spend less time carrying and setting up equipment, while preventing injuries and OSHA fines on the roof. 

Fast Track Guardrail System Mounted on Roof Edge

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Work faster and smarter with the Fast Track Cable Guardrail System from On Top Safety. Our system has saved roofers millions from medical bills, workers’ compensation and OSHA fines. Contact our team to place an order for our fall prevention system today!