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Our Foundation

On Top Safety, a pioneering force in fall protection and safety equipment, proudly honours the remarkable journey and contributions of its co-founder, John Carroccia, alongside Jeff Murray, the visionary behind Murray Roofing Company.

Jeff Murray's Vision and Journey

Born from a childhood passion for heights and a premonition of a future in roofing, Jeff Murray's journey embodies resilience and determination. Starting with humble beginnings, Jeff's journey led him from climbing trees to owning his own roofing company, fueled by an unyielding work ethic and the support of his wife, Pam. Jeff's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence laid the foundation for Murray Roofing Company, which thrived through hard work and perseverance. His knack for innovation was further ignited after a workplace accident compelled him to develop a groundbreaking solution – the perimeter cable guard fall protection system – which became the cornerstone of On Top Safety Inc.

John Carroccia's Impact and Innovation

Enter John Carroccia, whose expertise in auto mechanics seamlessly merged with Jeff's vision. Recognizing John's potential, Jeff extended an offer of partnership, leading to the birth of On Top Safety and a collaboration that propelled the company to new heights. John's ingenuity and leadership in product development and patent filings have resulted in groundbreaking safety tools, including the patented Eagle Claw Safety Cart, Sparrow Hawk Shock Pack, and the Masonry Transport Assembly, revolutionising fall protection in the roofing industry.

Pioneering Safety Solutions

Together, Jeff Murray and John Carroccia's synergy have led to the creation of eight innovative products, with three more in development, signalling a continued commitment to advancement and safety.

Legacy and Future

As On Top Safety celebrates Jeff's 48 years at the helm of Murray Roofing Company, it acknowledges the collective effort of dedicated individuals who have contributed to the company's success. With a shared belief that innovation is limitless, On Top Safety and Murray Roofing Company stand poised for a future of continued growth and excellence, driven by a relentless pursuit of safety and innovation.

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