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Here's why our system stands out:

  • Meets and Exceeds OSHA Regulations: Rest assured, our solution aligns perfectly with OSHA's stringent requirements, prioritizing safety above all else.
  • Mounts To Roof Edge: Our system seamlessly attaches to the roof edge, providing an unobtrusive yet robust protective barrier.
  • Conforms To All Building Radiuses: Whether your project involves a flat, overhang, or parapet roof, our system flexes to accommodate the architectural nuances of any structure.
  • Fastest Set Up Time on the Market: Time is money, and our system recognizes that. Get your project up and running swiftly with our quick 5-step setup.
  • Eliminates Tangled Ropes: Say goodbye to the hassle of unruly ropes. Our design eliminates this common headache, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
  • 400 Linear Feet of Cable: With ample cable at your disposal, you have the freedom and flexibility to secure a large work area without compromise.


In the world of roofing, time is of the essence. At On Top Safety, we understand the urgency of the job. That's why we've engineered a fall prevention guardrail system that boasts the industry's swiftest setup time. With an effortless 5-step installation process and a streamlined design, we've created a solution that not only ensures total OSHA compliance but also saves you precious time.


Our journey began amidst the perils and inefficiencies of roofing work. We grew tired of wrestling with tangled ropes and contending with needlessly complex systems that didn't adapt to the diverse rooftops we encountered. With our innovative system, you'll find yourself expending less effort lugging equipment and more time safeguarding against injuries and potential OSHA penalties on the rooftop.

    In essence, our solution isn't just about saving time; it's about ensuring your safety and peace of mind while you conquer the challenges of roofing. Choose On Top Safety for efficiency, compliance, and the utmost in rooftop protection.

    Fast Track Guardrail System 400lf



    Maximize efficiency during roofing projects with On Top Safety's rapid-setup fall prevention guardrail system. Boasting the industry's swiftest installation, our 5-step process and streamlined components ensure instant OSHA compliance.

    Adhering to OSHA standards, the system mounts seamlessly, accommodating diverse building shapes. Eliminate rope entanglement and reduce setup hassle.

    Covering 400ft, it suits flat, overhang, and parapet roofs. Tired of hazardous, cumbersome roofing tasks, our team crafted this solution.

    Trim setup time, cut risks, and sidestep OSHA penalties with our roofing innovation.

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