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Eagle Claw Safety Cart vs. Competition:

Lightweight Design


Eagle Claw Safety Cart: Weighs only 650 lbs for effortless maneuverability.

Competition: Typically weighs 1123 lbs, making it more cumbersome to move.


Enhanced Storage


Eagle Claw Safety Cart: Features a larger storage box as standard, accommodating all your essential tools and safety gear.

Competition: Offers smaller storage options, limiting what you can carry.


Built-in Shock Absorption


Eagle Claw Safety Cart: The only cart with integrated shock absorption, enhancing safety on uneven surfaces.

Competition: Lacks built-in shock absorption, posing a risk on uneven terrain.


Ease of Movement


Eagle Claw Safety Cart: Designed for easy movement on various deck surfaces, reducing work strain.

Competition: Difficult to maneuver, leading to increased fatigue and strain.




Eagle Claw Safety Cart: Encourages use by employees due to its user-friendly design and features.

Competition: Complex and less intuitive design deters frequent use.


Innovative Work Box Design


Eagle Claw Safety Cart: Dual-sided work box minimizes the risk of tangling tie-off lines.

Competition: Standard design increases the chance of crossed and tangled lines.


Front Tire Locking Mechanism


Eagle Claw Safety Cart: Features an easy-to-use front tire locking mechanism for stable positioning.

Competition: Lacks an intuitive locking mechanism, complicating secure placement.


Superior Roof Clearance


Eagle Claw Safety Cart: Offers the highest roof clearance, minimizing obstructions during work.

Competition: Lower clearance can hinder work and limit accessibility.


Secure Claw Mechanism


Eagle Claw Safety Cart: Boasts a locking claw mechanism that remains in place without constant adjustments.

Competition: Often requires frequent adjustments to maintain position, disrupting workflow.


Introducing the Eagle Claw Safety Cart, the ultimate guardian for roofing projects:


  • Surpasses OSHA standards for safety and convenience
  • Lightweight design at just 650 pounds for easy mobility
  • Provides protection for up to four workers simultaneously
  • Compatible with On Top Safety's Fast Track Fall Protection Guardrail System
  • Functions as a four-person tie-off cart with integrated shock pack
  • Reduces fall arrest forces to 740 pounds and fall clearance to just six inches
  • Weighs less than competing carts, minimizing risk of worker injuries
  • Quick assembly due to lighter weight, ensuring efficient worker protection
  • Can be used as a standalone fall protection system or integrated with the Fast Track Guardrail System
  • Offers a comprehensive, fully OSHA-compliant fall protection solution when combined with the guardrail system



Experience the pinnacle of convenience and safety that not only complies with but surpasses OSHA standards. Weighing in at a mere 650 pounds, this mobile safety cart offers unparalleled protection for up to four workers simultaneously.

The Eagle Claw Safety Cart is purpose-built to house On Top Safety's acclaimed Fast Track Fall Protection Guardrail System. However, it is also available as a standalone fall protection cart for your convenience.

    This remarkable cart functions as a four-person tie-off cart, accommodating up to two individuals for fall arrest protection and another two for fall restraint.


    What sets it apart is its integrated shock pack, reducing fall arrest forces to a mere 740 pounds with an astonishingly low fall clearance of just six inches.


    With the Eagle Claw Safety Cart, every project site is transformed into a safer, more secure environment.

    In addition to its exceptional safety features, the Eagle Claw offers mobility and ease of assembly.

    Weighing significantly less than competing carts at 650 pounds (compared to their 1,100 pounds), it not only minimizes the risk of worker injuries but also reduces potential liabilities stemming from muscle strains and worker fatigue.

    Its lighter weight translates into quicker assembly times, ensuring that every worker remains efficiently protected.

    While the Eagle Claw Safety Cart is an impressive standalone fall protection system, it seamlessly integrates with our Fast Track Fall Protection Guardrail System to provide enhanced safety.

    For a comprehensive, fully OSHA-compliant fall protection solution, consider acquiring both components as the All-in-One System.

    Choose the Eagle Claw Safety Cart for the epitome of roofing project protection, where safety meets sophistication.

    Eagle Claw Safety Cart

    Rating is 5.0 out of five stars based on 20 reviews


    Experience ultimate convenience and safety compliance with the Eagle Claw Safety Cart. Weighing just 650 lbs, it offers top-notch protection for up to 4 workers. Specifically designed for On Top Safety’s Fast Track Fall Protection Guardrail System, this cart can be bought standalone or as part of the All in One System.

    With 2 tie-off points for fall arrest and 2 for restraint, it's the sole cart featuring a built-in shock pack, reducing fall arrest force to 740 lbs. Lighter weight streamlines assembly, reduces strain, and enhances efficiency. Seamlessly integrates with Fast Track Guardrail for unparalleled fall protection.

    Elevate safety on every project!

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