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Experience unparalleled safety and efficiency with the Falcon Safety Cart—an innovation designed to safeguard your workforce while boosting productivity:


  • Unparalleled safety and efficiency
  • Lightest 3-man tie-off cart at 450 pounds
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Streamlined setup for swift site transitions
  • Built-in shock pack reduces arrest forces to 740 pounds
  • Minimal fall clearance of only 6 inches
  • Patented design with integrated shock pack
  • Exceeds OSHA safety standards
  • Ensures steadfast team protection

Weighing in at a mere 450 pounds, it stands as the lightest 3-man tie-off cart on the market. Its sleek and compact design streamlines setup, allowing your team to swiftly transition between job sites.

The Falcon Safety Cart redefines fall protection with its exceptional capabilities. What sets this cart apart is its built-in shock pack, a groundbreaking feature that reduces fall arrest forces to a mere 740 pounds, with an astonishingly minimal fall clearance requirement of only 6 inches. The Falcon Safety Cart transforms every project site into a haven of security.

This patented marvel is the sole fall protection cart equipped with an integrated shock pack, surpassing even the stringent standards set by OSHA. The Falcon, a 3-man tie-off cart, not only mitigates risks but also minimizes fall arrest forces to a remarkable 740 pounds, ensuring steadfast protection for your valuable team members.

Choose the Falcon Safety Cart and ascend to new heights of safety and efficiency in your operations.

Falcon Safety Tie Off Cart

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Elevate productivity and safety on rooftops with the Falcon Safety Cart – the lightest at 450lbs.

Designed for a 3-man tie-off, it swiftly sets up and moves across sites. The Falcon Claw Safety Cart offers exceptional fall protection for 3 people. It's the sole cart with a built-in shock pack, reducing fall arrest to 740lbs with just 6in clearance. Compliant beyond OSHA standards. Make every site safer with the patented Falcon. Unmatched protection, unparalleled innovation.

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